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Negotium Robert Bogaczewicz

Stróżowska 20/29 38-500 Sanok

NIP/VAT EU 6871957922, REGON 181033921

tel: +48 668 908 172


Panel leszczynowy wyplatany, ogrodzenia z drewna orzecha laskowego

About Us

We are a producer and importer of wooden and braided products. Our offer includes interior design elements, garden architecture and everyday items. The main area of ​​our activity is the wholesale, but we are also open to cooperation with individual clients.

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panel leszczynowy klasyczny
Panel leszczynowy rama, ogrodzenie wyplatane z drewna orzecha laskowego
Ogrodzenie z sztachet orzecha laskowego
Furtka drewniana leszczynowa, orzech laskowy





Naturalne ogrodzenia
Słupek / Palik orzech laskowy
Ogrodzenie sztachetowe, orzech laskowy

We carry out orders for individual clients via a courier company.

The cost of shipping in Poland a single parcel , the sum of which the longest and the shortest side does not exceed

180cm and weight  31kg.

From 19 PLN to 31 PLN

Dostawa produktów z leszczyny
Dostawa, zamówienia hurtowe, naturalne ogrodzenia

Terms of delivery of hazel panels and other products in larger quantities are agreed individually.

- Free delivery up to 80 km from PLN 2,500

- In the case of transports abroad, delivery terms are set individually.

+48 668 908 172

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Rabatka, obrzeże z orzecha laskowego

+48 668 908 172

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