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 Mounting the mats, you do not need any special fasteners, all you need is a line, a piece of wire or a plastic self-tightening clamp. 


Willow mats can be used in traditional and modern gardens, thanks to their dimensions, flexible structure and low weight, they can also be successfully installed on balcony balustrades. Densely packed willow sticks create a barrier that provides privacy and protection against sun, wind, dust and pollution. 

How can I use it

Mats, screens made of natural reed, bound with a galvanized steel wire with a thickness of 0.3 mm and 0.8 mm. The galvanized wire is weatherproof and will not corrode. 

Product features


High in cm Long in cm Long in cm
90 500 300
100 500 300
120 500 300
140 500 300
160 500 300
180 500 300



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Willow mats / screens